The following courses are often taught by myself and/or my PhD students from my lab


Undergraduate Studies Honors Research Seminar:
Comparative Analysis of Carnivore Skulls

UGS 200H, Section 16, starting Fall 2008

co-taught with Barb Lundrigan

As they develop, carnivore skulls change dramatically in size and shape, and both these variables affect feeding performance. Seminar students will participate in a comparative developmental study of carnivore skulls with the goals of analyzing the features germane to feeding performance and integrating these within the broader context of cranial shape. Students will learn how to take standardized photographs of museum specimens, digitize those images, and analyze shape change during ontogeny using geometric morphometric techniques.


This course is held in Kenya, East Africa. See the BEAM website for details on how to apply

MSU Zoology 313: Animal Behavior (Fall Semester)

This course is an introduction to behavior, typically using the text Animal Behavior, An Evolutionary Approach, Alcock 2005. They syllabus and course materials are available on MSU's course management system, Angel. You must be enrolled in the course to view these materials.

Graduate Seminar: Professional Development (Fall Semester)

Zoology 801: Issues in Professional Development

This course has one primary objective: To introduce students to some of the Professional development issues with which all of us in academia grapple, including choosing research topics, strategies, and methods; grant-writing; dealing with editors and reviewers; self-presentation and salesmanship; and ethical conduct in research.

Contact the Zoology department for more information. This seminar is often team-taught by two or more Zoology faculty.

Graduate Course: Animal Social Complexity

ZOL822 Animal Social Complexity (Fall Semester, 2004)

Text: Animal Social Complexity (2003) edited by F.B.M. de Waal & P. L. Tyack,
Harvard University Press





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News: One of our BEAM students was a winner in the MSU "Spartans Abroad Photo Contest" for 2007:

Local Watering Hole - Leslie Wintz
First Place - Places

"Local Watering Hole"
(Masai Mara National Reserve - Kenya)
Photo by Leslie Wintz