All About Hyenas

We study hyenas because they are so fascinating! For comprehensive information about hyenas, visit the IUCN Hyaenidae website

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See a nice slide show from the BBC featuring Kate Shaw's beautiful photos:

Other sites about hyenas

Account of the Spotted Hyena on the Animal Diversity Web from the University of Michigan

Crocuta crocuta specimen record in the NSF digital morphology database,

What others have written about our research

"Rebranding the Hyena" by John Pickrell, Science News, Vol. 161, No. 17 from Science News, Week of April 27, 2002 (with a Hyena on the cover). The article includes some nice photos by former PhD student Anne Engh.

Carl Zimmer wrote a feature in the New York Times Science section the March 4 2008 edition

Steve Kemper of Smithsonian magazine wrote a feature article for the May 2008 edition.